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You look around the human race, you wonder what was God thinking.
God made the mountains
God made the sky

God made the people
God knows why

He fixed up the planet
As best as he could

Then in come the people
And gum it up good

The first thing ya know

They civilise the foothills
And everywhere he put hills

The mountains and valleys below

They come along and take 'em
And civilise and make 'em

A place where
No civilised person would go

The first thing you know

They civilise what's pretty
By puttin' up a city

Where nothin'
That's pretty can grow

They muddy up the winter
And civilise it into
A place too uncivilised even for snow

The first thing ya know

They civilise left
They civilise right

Till nothin' is left
Till nothin' is right

They civilise freedom
till no one is free

No one except
By coincidence, me

The first thing ya know

The boozer's in prison
And the criminal, he isn't

And only the rascals have dough

When l see a parson
l gotta put my arse in

The wagon that follows
the tail of a crow

The first thing ya know
l pick up and blow

The first thing you know
Ben Rumson
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